Welcome to my 3D site!

My name is Charlie George and this is my portfolio. I specialise in interactive 3D content creation for the web and am currently teaching myself how to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to compliment my 3D work with web design. Please use the space at the right-hand side of the screen to scroll up/down the page. (Please view on desktop for optimum performance.)

As an introduction to what I aspire to create, please take a look at this amazing Verge3D example made by Soft8Soft. Click on the numbers at the bottom left of the 3D window to watch the articulated arm animate.

Click and drag in the window below to take an aerial tour of Wantage Market Place. This is a 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of my home town using Reality Capture software and the online hosting platform, Sketchfab.

Click on the orange sphere to inspect this gas detection model I 3D-scanned and programmed using a visual scripting API with a plugin called Verge3D.

Take a bird's eye view of where we are based...